What to do if you Make a Mistake

This is a funny Friday flick I thought I’d share.  Recently my youngest brother came to town for a visit.  Even though he’s technically a grown-up, he’ll always be twelve years old to me.  

The day that he arrived I was busy recording videos, so he had to be a lot quieter than he’s used to.  By the final one he was ready to explode. 

Long story short, his joking made me mess up the cookie I was working on, which led to this video, filmed and narrated by none other than my kid brother himself.

As usual I’m trying to be serious, and he’s having a good ol’ time.

This is one of those light bulb moments I had.  Once upon a time, if I messed up on a cookie, it was either trashed or eaten.  It took me a ridiculously long time to realize what you’re about to see.  Pardon all the craziness and the first time camera man.  This is NORMAL daily activity at my house!   Have a great weekend everyone!