The Push-pin Trick {WFMW}

I know a lot of you got just as excited as I did about Wilton’s new line of licensed cutters.  Many of you’ve already purchased them, and have them in hand.  If you haven’t they’re more than likely on the way.  The big question is, now that you’ve got them, how do you go from blank cutter to a perfect Hello Kitty?

This ol’ gal is not quite as simple as she looks.  If you don’t get her eyes and nose just right she ends up looking more like cross-eyed kitty, or got-in-a-bar-fight kitty.  If you don’t have a projector, or you aren’t quite comfy free-handing, I have the trick for you.

Remember this little cardboard thingy that your cutters came connected to?

Well, I am hoping you didn’t throw that away.  Besides being a useful reference tool, it’s ALSO just what you will need for this nifty trick I’m about to show you.  If you did toss it out for some reason *shame on you, BTW* then all’s not lost, you will just need to find an image of Kitty, re-size it to three inches and print it out.  If you were a good decorator and saved it, do this.

Lay a regular piece of computer paper over the cardboard, and trace around it using a permanent marker.  I recommend tracing the whole image so you’ll always have it handy if you need it for something else.

Cut it out, and then you’re ready to begin decorating.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Black and White piping icing
  • Red and yellow 20-second icing
  • white flood icing


  • a PUSH-PIN…Is the suspense killing you yet?

Now, we’re ready to go…pardon the pics, it was a semi-cloudy day, but with how hot things have been around here lately, I not going to complain.  To begin, use red twenty-second icing to add the middle of the bow.  Put it right smack dab between the two points on either side of Kitty’s right ear {well, technically her LEFT ear, but my right}.  If you are having trouble visualizing where it should be, imagine or draw a diagonal line where with a food color marker to serve as a guide. 

Let the middle section dry for about 20 minutes, then come back and add the loops.


Let that dry for about an hour, longer if you have bleeding issues, then outline and fill Kitty’s face.  Let this part dry completely, as in overnight.

The next day you’ll need the kitty face you made, dry cookies, and the push-pin. Lay the image over the cookie, and use the pin to mark where the eyes and nose should be.  I know it’s awful, but this always gives me the giggles.  Seeing poor kitty stabbed in the eye, strikes me as funny.  Maybe I need some sort of therapy or something but really, it gives me déjà vu.  I’ve used this techniques before, in my Lego Man Post and the eye stabbing thing was just as funny.


After the violence is over, you’ll be left with the exact blueprint of HK’s face.  Cool, right?!

After that use the black piping icing to make the eyes and to outline the bow.  Because of the way we did it, all you have to do is go around the circle and give it two little “ears”.    Use the yellow TSI for her nose.

To finish up, outline the rest of the bow, and add whiskers.  This is also easier than it might look.  The middle whiskers are even with Kitty’s eyes.  Add those first and the rest are a breeze .

With the new Wilton cutters and the push-pin trick, making Hello Kitty cookies is easier than ever.  No more “winging” it, simple, inexpensive, and works every time. Who needs a KopyKake?  Push-pins work for me, and I hope they work for you too.

By the way, before I go, I have to ask, and I am asking on a whim, without Googling…does Hello Kitty have a name?  As in a real one besides Hello Kitty?  If you know, let me know.

Now you can decorate ol’ Kitty stress-free.  ENJOY!