Rainbow Tie-dye Cookies

St. Patrick’s Day bit me with the rainbow bug!  They are everywhere…pancakes, waffles, Rice Krispie treats, Jello…and STILL, I am not tired of seeing all of the pretty colors.  So, I decided to make

These simple cookies are very beautiful  AND what’s even better is that they are easy to make!
The hardest part is gathering all of the supplies.  Be prepared to spend an half an hour or so mixing icing. 
This is what you will need…

I always match the outline to the first color I plan on using in the sequence.  In this case is was red.
Once this part is complete, begin filling in your cookie with each color.
Then, drag the tip of your boo boo stick through the icing.  Be sure to alternate sides as you drag to keep the design even.
Just in case that was a little hard to follow, I also drew a little diagram.  Notice that you can drag the tip either way…I suppose if you want your tie-dye to be accurate, you should begin in the middle of the cookie and drag outwardly to the edge. 
Truthfully, I’d never even thought about it until I wrote the paragraph above this one, and now that I realized I did it backward {maybe because I was taking pictures of myself doing this}, it’s going to bug the CRUDDY out of me, BUT, I AM NOT REDOING THIS TUTORIAL =) So, learn from my goof.
You might also be wonderin’ why you should wipe the stick after every swipe.
Another observation after the fact.  Dragging in hides a lot of the purple.  Dragging out would have created a pretty starburst shape and shown more of the color. And looked like real tye-dye. Arrrrrgh. 
They are still pretty though, right?  Even before they dry.
If this little how-to has caught you a little late for St. Patrick’s Day, there are plenty of other places tie-dyed cookies {or reverse tie-dye in this case} come in handy.
Have I ever mentioned I get hung up on the small details?  I’m still grumbling about doing them backward, BUT STILL, aren’t they pretty?

If you need boo boo sticks, AKA cookie scrapers, or icing bottles, check out Karen’s Cookies.  She has both, and she will get them to you very quickly!