Happy Birthday to you, Mom!

J is for Jamye.  That’s my mom.  Today is her birthday.
She gets smarter with age.  When I was 17, she was pretty dumb, but she’s really learned a lot since then.  Funny the difference ten or twelve years makes ๐Ÿ˜‰
All joking aside, as a kid, I really gave my parents a hard time.  Especially mom.  I knew everything, and I was pretty merciless.
Now that I am walking in her shoes, I understand a lot of the reasons behind the things she did, and I see a lot of her in myself.
She is a thinker, and she likes to stay busy like me.  But instead of cookies, Mom knits.
I guess knitting-themed cookies might be getting a little old, but this is where I always end up when I make cookies for her.  I just add to the theme with every batch.
She tried teaching me to knit, but I never really caught on, unless icing counts =)
Without even realizing it, I made the same cookies for her birthday as another set I’d made for her, down to the COLORS! The only difference is that these are tiny, REALLY tiny.
The largest cookie is no bigger than two inches.

Can you guess what cutters I used to make them??
Mom also likes to write.  She’s really good at it.  She has a blog called Knitrageous.  See where I get it from?  =)
As the years pass I am more and more aware of how much I really need my mom, and I am so glad to have the one I do.  She’s been a good to me, even when I didn’t deserve it..
If you would like to learn a quick and easy way to make a cutter like I used for the “j” cookies above, head on over to Tatertots and Jello where I am giving a tutorial on how to make cookie cutters with easily available, everyday items.  I hope you enjoy!
?I love you mom, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!