Don’t Be a Cookie Cutter Snob!

When I first began my cookie adventure, I was CLUELESS!  I had a few cutters, and I definitely wanted more.  So, anytime I had any extra money, I would invest in a copper cookie cutter.

Something about them felt so special!  They were heavy and shiny and they even had a little stamp.  Definitely something special…

*Then I got wise*

Don’t get me wrong, if my house caught fire, I have a few copper cutters that I’d rescue right after my children. However, if you’re interested in creative baking, and have a cookie obsession like mine, it’s ESSENTIAL to look at every cutter as a possible tool.  If I only used copper cutters, I would have invested enough money to buy a small car by now, not to mention shipping, which brings me to my point…

These came right out of good ol’ Dollar General.  When you live in a town as small like I do, you do what you gotta do…

I was shopping with a friend when I found these.  As soon as I grabbed them she wrinkled her nose and said, “Ewe, those lips are WEIRD!”

She was right,  They weren’t your average lips, but I’d struck gold!

A few months ago a good baking buddy of mine made the cutest Twilight cupcake toppers, lips with fangs.  I’d been meaning to try them, but my vision was a little different, so put them off to avoid the hassle of hand cutting lips with an OPEN mouth. Then, by chance luck stepped in and I found the perfect cutter.

This usually happens after I make a set of cookies, so I was thrilled.  Plus, I love the “X” and already have plans for that one!

So you see, snobbiness never pays.  In most cases, a cutter is a cutter.  I treasure my beloved copper wonders, and I am probably going to order one from Ecrandal this morning, but I also know that baking is more than just perfect cutters and equipment.  It has a lot to do with thinking on your feet, and working with what you have. These are the cookies I used my new cutter for. 

I’d planned on adding a tongue, but the first one looked a little “KISS-ISH” so Bern Dogg ate it =)
They are a little different from others that I have made, but I like ’em =)

Speaking of others, I have a LONG history with Twilight cookies…funny thing is, I have never even watched an entire movie.  I leave that to my hubby. {Hope he doesn’t kill me for telling everyone he’s a Twilight fan!}

And, just in case anyone is wondering, I plan on announcing the winner of my ultimate decorating kit by Sunday, so everyone stay tuned!
Have a wonderful weekend and happy decorating!!!