The BEST of 2010

I have mentioned several times that by some crazy twist of fate, I joined Flickr at the beginning of my cookie journey.  It was there that I met some of the most talented, kind, giving, AMAZINGLY gifted people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, so, for my last post of the year, I thought there would be no better way to end it, than introduce others to the amazing talent that I have had the privelege of learning from and with over the past two years.  These artisans are truly among the best!

*To VIEW MORE from my friends, click on their photos and it will take you directly to their sites*

This was probably my favorite cookie of the year…the design, the piping…HUMBLING!
There aren’t even words to describe Kylie’s creativity.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!

I want to be like Ali when I grow up… 

And Glory, is in a league of her own!
Landa taught me all of my favorite tricks, and is FEARLESS about trying difficult designs.  I love these deceptively simple flowers.  They are not forgiving when it comes to goofs…this is GOOD work! 
Bea makes beautiful cookies with limited access to supplies.  I LOVE this set SOOOOO much!
Everything Hani makes is like fine art and her pictures are GORGEOUS. 
Holly is an ARTIST in more ways than one…more on that later!

My friend Asya does not spend a lot of time making cookies, but when she does, she makes things like this…totally impressive!
And Jody, the maker of one of my favorite chocolate cookies, AND the woman who thinks like I do.  We are often a day or two off on design ideas, LOL! 
Bren is talent through and through.  This is my all time favorite Christmas cookie duo!
Don’t tell me you can’t get details with glaze…Dawn stomps that theory right into the ground!
 Perfection and a great eye for design, all in one package!  EVERYTHING she makes is like this!
Scott is the guy who knocked my socks off this year with one single cookie.  I have a goal to convert him to a full time cookier by 2012 =)
I could write a book on my favorites from Pam…BUT I chose this photo because it illustrates how she can take an ordinary cookie and use creativity to make it EXTRAORDINARY!
I wish Nancy would give me her “less is more” magic touch…She knows just what needs to be done.  I tend to over-do, LOL!
Y’all have already met Daniela!  I love her eye for design, AND how perfect all of her cookies are!!!
Sweet and talented Beka…beautiful cookies and a heart of gold!

Andrea just opened a bakery!  It’s gorgeous just like her cookies.  I love this cookie idea, and I envy her perfect piping!

Laura is a veteran.  She has probably done this longer than any of us, and is really a “big deal” in the cookie world…and she ships too!
Lisa has a talent for coming up with the most unique cookie designs and making them happen.  I love her individual cookies AND her collections!

Kim makes one of my favorite cookies to eat, and makes miracles with her top-secret icing (Don’t ask, she won’t tell, I’ve tried, LOL).  I love her talent for creative interpretations of themes.

 Okay, Johnna has been making cookies like this for two years without a Kitchen-aid OR a KopyKake!  I might be a little (or a lot) envious of that =) *she finally got a Kitchen-aid, though*
It’s no secret that Maryann is my IDOL, hands down.  We will definitely be seeing more of her in 2011!
This woman is talented and has the best heart…and she builds cookie sculptures…WOW!
These were another beautiful cookie collection I could not get out of my head!  Cuteness!

And my second idol, Myri!  I love how her her cookies really reflect her Mexican heritage.  She is the creator of two of my all time favorite cookies, this being one of them!!!

Now off to work on some funny NYD cookies, in a funny shape and theme…I hope they make you giggle!  See everyone next year!