Sweet and Spooky Cookies {Day 4}

Welcome to my brain! This is really what it’s like up there, always full speed ahead, jumping from idea to idea. PLEASE…WAIT! Don’t run away screaming, there is a method to my madness!
I’m sure everyone is wondering how I got off on a Halloween tangent in the middle of Christmas cookies. In all of the commotion of Halloween week, I put it off. Then, suddenly, I looked up and it was almost mid-November! How did that happen? I completely overlooked posting my favorite Halloween set, so, instead of getting through all of my holiday ideas and then backtracking to Halloween, I’ve decided to take a Halloween pause so we can get back to the business of Christmas and Thanksgiving!
There are actually four cookies in this set, but for the sake of not dragging this out, I ‘m going to post them together. I call these guys, “Sweet and Spooky”.   I don’t like the job I did on these cookies, but I like the idea. 
This is my poor Halloween idea that almost wasn’t!
{Photo lost in Transfer, to be replaced soon}