Kirsten’s Sock Monkey Platter and Cupcake Sock Monkey Cookies {Day 12}

Lots of times it takes me a time or two before I really nail a cookie design and get it right where I want it to be. Every once in a while, I get the exact effect I want, on the very first shot. Yesterday was one of those days!

I made this platter of cookies for my friend Peri Kay. We have been talking about her daughter Kirsten’s first birthday for over two months, and I was so EXCITED about the sock monkey theme. Since my long planned design worked out so WELL, I decided that he gets to be my cookie of the day!
Day 12

Santa Cupcake Cookies

Snowman Cupcake Cookies

Scarecrow Cupcake Cookies

Frankenstein Cupcake Cookies

Leprechaun Cupcake Cookies