Decorated Latte Cookies

With a polar blast that just won’t let, up you may need something to keep you warm and occupied through the cold days ahead.  These simple latte cookies are the perfect project for a cold winter day!

Decorated Latte CookieI  used two different cutters to make these favor-sized latte cookies…Wilton’s Comfort Grip Frankenstein and skull, which can be purchased here and here.

If you prefer smaller cookies, there are several cutters {like this one} that w0uld make a suitable substitute.  Be creative!

Before baking, trim the cookies as shown below.  I used an ornament cutter to take a little nip out of the skull {bottom photo}, but if you don’t have one, a heart or knife works too.

Latte Cookie CuttersPeople often ask me  how I choose between 20-second icing versus piping and flooding to complete a design.  The answer?  Personal preference.

Twenty second icing often cuts down on mixing time but I prefer the more even surface created by outlining and flooding.

In any case, there’s more than one way to ice a cookie, so, this time {for example’s sake} I took the 20-second icing approach.  As always, do what you’re most comfortable with.

To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by using a food safe marker to “map out” your design.

Decorated Latte Cookies 1Next, use 20-second icing to flood the sections shown below.

Decorated Latte Cookies 2Highlight the cup with a mist of airbrush color, if desired. Decorated Latte Cookies 3Fill the remaining sections with white 20-second icing.

Decorated Latte Cookies 4Let the base dry before moving on.  For a uniform look, use a small stencil to transfer a heart onto the sleeve and quickly flood.

Decorated Latte Cookies 8 Finally use piping icing and a small tip to add the finishing details.

Decorated Latte Cookies 7In all honesty, I don’t LOVE these cookies {that happens sometimes}, but you can take this basic idea and dress them up to make something really special.  I hope you’ll try them really soon!

For more fabulous cookie inspiration, be sure to check out these links:

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  1. 1
    Christina says:

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, for including the airbrush part on the tutorial. I asked for a little help in this arena when you posted those adorable panda cookies…. Your the best! My airbrush will be making its first appearance out of the box in my house this week. :)

  2. 2
    IFeelCook says:

    You are so creative using your cookie cutters ;) Like all your cookies, these are super nice too. You should suggest Starbucks to give me one of these cookies with my Latte every morning ^_^

  3. 3
    Gretchen says:

    These are so cute! I attempted some of your Christmas cookie designs two yearscago and mine turned out a hot mess. These look easy enough to make me almost want to attempt some again. ;)

  4. 4

    What is it that is so incredibly fun about coffee related cookies? I don’t know…..but I love them, and I love yours. :) Thanks for the mention. ?

  5. 5

    You are so dang creative with cookie cutters. I never in a million years would have use Frank to make a Latte cookie. You are brilliant!!

  6. 6
    Eva says:

    I’m so happy about this post! I was about to purchase an expensive latte cookie cutter and now I don’t have to! I already own the Wilton skull cutter. Making these for Valentine’s Day favors with a tag that will read “Thanks a latte for your friendship.”

  7. 7
    Samantha says:

    Oooooh man!! These are fantastic!! I have both of those cutters and will use them!! The icing is flawless and the airbrush just adds the perfect touch! They look absolutely perfect! Great work again Callye!

  8. 8
    Absolutely Sweet says:

    WOW, another fab design using the standard cutters I already have. Thanks for posting and sharing such a simple design that looks like it took forever. You never cease to amaze! Oh, did you air brush when the icing was still wet?

  9. 9
    Robin says:

    The more I look at these cookies the more I am liking them…. Great tutorial for us beginners and simple enough to give it a try. Adaptions can be made too to personalize such as putting an oval in the band where heart is and putting letter initials. What I love about your creativeness is that it makes me think creativity…to some ilike you, Sugarbelle, that comes natural, but to me is is hard work. Most of my cookies come from your inspiration and I am thankful for you sharing your talents with us. This weekI borrowed your sea horse cookie design for a baby shower and they turned out so darn cute. I can’t wait to give these a try.

    • 9.1
      Sweetsugarbelle says:

      It’s funny you said that! It’s exactly what I needed to hear. Truth be told, I HATE these cookies (or even though they’re exactly what in had in mind, they’re nothing like I envisioned) I’m any case, I posted them solely because they might inspire someone else to take my simple little idea, and make them into something really special :-). Thanks for the validation! Cannot wait to see them “fixed”, lol!

      • Robin says:

        Sugarbelle, I will try to be creative with the Latte cookies, but … you have me going hot and heavy right now on your number 19 pick of favorite Valentine Day cookies, and Michelle has stolen my heart with her little girlie dresses, and I finally picked up a frog cookie cutter today for the skunk cookies …. and I need to learn how to use my new kopykake…. so give me a week, hahahha.

  10. 10

    I love these a Latte! :)