Easy Autumn Leaves Cookies

There are lots of good things about living in West Texas, but I have one big gripe.  We got totally gyped on the autumn thing. 100% cheated!

Until I was seventeen, the only way I knew that autumn happened was that football season came.  It wasn’t until I moved to Virginia that I learned the truth.

There IS such a thing as colored leaves. We just don’t have them here.  I am not talking about the yellow and brown scrubby things that blow down my street in late November.  When I say leaves, I mean leaves like these.

{My dad took this picture while on vacation in Vermont.   He and mom took a special trip there a few years back  JUST to see the leaves change. Turns out the leaf love thing is inherited}

West Texas has just about everything else you can think of… rattlesnakes, tarantulas, scorpions, oil wells, and every thorny plant you can imagine, but no discernible fall season. 

Are you beginning to see why I feel cheated?

ANYHOW, I was so enchanted with these leaves, I spent the entire autumn of my first year in Virginia  looking at the ground.  I collected them, studied them, and even stuck them on the sides of candles just like Martha told me to.

Then life happened, I moved home, and those beautiful leaves were a thing of the past…until I cookie-d them.

Normally I am pretty open to interpretation when it comes to cookies. There  are LOTS of different ways to “cookie” something.  But in this case, the real thing is so naturally beautiful that I went for an exact reproduction. I wanted them to look just like the the leaves I remembered from my time in Virginia. 

The best part is, this time exact equals EASY!  All you need are orange and yellow piping and flood icing, and these magic airbrush-in-a-can sprays from Wilton.

All you do is outline and flood the cookies, let them dry a bit,  pipe on the leaf design and let them dry.  The next day, randomly spray them with color until they look like real fall leaves.

That’s it.  My favorites are the yellow ones with touches of green…

When you mix them all together, they are almost as pretty as the real thing.  Almost.

I still miss the traditional autumns I experienced in Virginia, but until I live somewhere with real trees, leaves, and maybe even a little rain, cookies will have to do.  I can live with that I suppose.

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  1. 71
    CookieLover says:

    Would you please post the picture of the white cookies with the dots, tiny leaves and swirls? I would love to see your design on those and how you tied them all together! Thanks

    • 71.1
      Sweet Sugar Belle says:

      I do not have a photo of the whole platter, I am sorry. I made these for my grandmother and I purposely covered the personal ones up.

  2. 72
    Marla says:

    Such pretty fall cookies!! Bookmarking now :)

  3. 73
    KimB says:

    Definately a “goody”. I did some airbrushing on some leaf cookies last Fall (well….right after you did this post) and I realized I didn’t get a picture of them but I saved 2 for taking a picture of them later. They are still wrapped and waiting for me!! hehehe I love Fall. These are gorgeous Callye!

  4. 74
    Peggy says:

    These are beautiful!

    • 74.1
      Peggy says:

      Oops, I meant to type more… 😀 I live in South Louisiana and have never seen a real autumn! How sad! I do love these cookies, though. I may have to make them to help get my husband and me out of the depression of living without a change of seasons!

  5. 75
    Jennifer says:

    I love these. So beautiful and easy. Everyone raves over them. Although the first time I made them I had to clean my entire kitchen afterwards to get rid of the orange and red spray that had gone everywhere. Luckly it was a beautiful fall day the second time I made them and sprayed them all outside on my deck table. How do you deal with the overspray?

  6. 76
    Cindy germata says:

    I love the gold splattering on your autumn cookies. Would you sarge your technique with me?

  7. 77

    These look gorgeous and are a feast for the eyes.

    Lynda from sweetsaffronspice.com

  8. 78
    Zoe says:

    Did you use cookie cutters or cut them freehand? Love these!


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