On Vacation!

It’s visiting week!  Today I am hanging out over at my friend Marian’s blog, Sweetopia, so come on by and join the fun! I made some fun camoflauge cookies in her signature colors and a tutorial so you can do the same! 

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  1. 11
    DnaBoo says:

    Enjoy your vacation! keep the tutes coming Callye… I <3 them!

  2. 12
    L says:

    Yall know I wanna be Callye when I grow up!

  3. 13
    Kate H.(www.sprinkletherapy.blogspot.com) says:

    I love camo & pink(:

  4. 14
    Krystal M says:

    I can't wait to try and make these! My husband was a Marine, so these would mean a lot for him (not in the pink of course hehe)

  5. 15
    Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful walk down memory lane for you. I too did not grow up with grandparents near or any part of my life. I did have grandparents of friends who were the "Grandma" influence to me. That, I believe is where I go my baking inspirations. I would watch them with amazement and was very jealous of my friends.
    On my way now to Karens page. Have a blessed day and thank you so much for sharing the love you had with and for your Nanny.
    Also I want to thank you for all of the information you continue to share with us "not so professional" comrads. I so love seeing new posts from you and seeing what new ideas and inspirations you have in store.
    Diane K