3-D Witch Hat Cookies

This is going to have to be quick.  I’m SUPPOSED to be packing, but of course, as usual, I got distracted by cookies.  I mean, who wants to pack when they could be decorating?

I have a thing for 3-D cookies.  I’ve done wagons, 3-D flowers in pots, and sewing machines so it’s only logical that these were the next on my to do list!  They’d be perfect school treats OR used as placecards at a Halloween party.


I used a small-ish candy corn and round cutter to make these, but if the proportions are off, you can hand cut the tops, in the same way I did the candy corn cookies I made recently.


To make these you will need:

black outline and flood icing

purple flood icing

green flood icing

decorative star candies


The start, outline the top portion of the hat.

Next fill the sections, leaving each color a bit of time to dry between flooding so they don’t run together.  Let this piece dry completely.

Before attaching the cookies, outline the base, and let it dry.

Next, attach the top cookie to the base.  Pipe a line of black icing onto the base, and then  stick the top onto it using a shelf stacker positioned to the height needed to support the cookies.

Give those several hours to dry.  When they are secure, flood the base.

Let them dry completely again, and then position them back on the rack for the final additions.  Add a small dot of icing, and attach a candy star.

Next, use back icing to outline the area where the band will be.  When the outline has dried, flood the band with green icing.

Let them dry, and you will have adorable 3-D witch hat cookies.

I wish I had a little more energy this week, but I started this Monday, on the tired side.  I’m not sure if that’s a good sign.  But just so I don’t bore you to death, you should hop over and check out the cute witch ideas from my funny blog buddies Shelly and Kristan. Besides being WAY more entertaining than I am, they came up with some pretty darn cute ideas!