Meet Maryann {My cookie IDOL}

Everyone has a hero, and today after meaning to for months, I want to introduce you to mine, Maryann Rollins, AKA, The Cookie ArtisanI met Maryann online, and we have become good friends over the past two years.I first stumbled upon her while browsing Flickr.  I found her photostream, and I literally spent hours looking at every single amazing detail of her cookie platters.  I consider her my teacher because I learned most … [Read more...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have a little funny.  I got SOOOOOOOO into the cookies for today, that I forgot to make sure my kiddos were wearing green.  So now, my oldest has the most atrocious pair of St. Patrick's glasses from Walgreen's{think John Lennon with shamrocks}. Belle has green dangle-y shamrock earrings, and Caleb has a green toy he has vowed not to let go of.  And believe me, he better not.  His brother is watching...and … [Read more...]

Storing Royal Icing

It takes a LOT of guts to show someone the inside of your refrigerator, EVEN if it is a picture from the beginning of the week, before I've had a chance to wreck it.It's about right up there with letting someone rifle through your underwear drawer.  You can tell a lot about people by looking in their fridge.But even though it's scary {maybe even scarier for you} I'm going to do it! I'm posting this … [Read more...]

Rainbow Tie-dye Cookies

St. Patrick's Day bit me with the rainbow bug!  They are everywhere...pancakes, waffles, Rice Krispie treats, Jello...and STILL, I am not tired of seeing all of the pretty colors.  So, I decided to make more.These simple cookies are very beautiful  AND what's even better is that they are easy to make!The hardest part is gathering all of the supplies.  Be prepared to spend an half an … [Read more...]

Coloring and Preparing Royal Icing


I do lots of weird things.  Some of them don't make sense until I explain the logic behind them.  The way I color and prepare my royal icing is one of these things. Keep in mind, this is not the only way, just my way. I begin with VERY stiff RI.  YOu can find my recipe by clicking HERE.  See how the spatula stands straight up in the icing?  It should be so stiff that even if you were to thump it, the handle would barely move. Also, … [Read more...]

An AHA Moment…

Most of the time I try to plan my blog posts, but sometimes they just happen.  This is one of those times.  Just call it a blog of opportunity.It all started with Justin Beiber cookies.  Yes, you heard me right, Justin Bieber.  I always say I am not going to do this to myself anymore, but it was for my neighbor, and I really like her, AND she has mowed my lawn a few times, AND the clothes rack I "borrowed" last year is still … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to you, Mom!

J is for Jamye.  That's my mom.  Today is her birthday.She gets smarter with age.  When I was 17, she was pretty dumb, but she's really learned a lot since then.  Funny the difference ten or twelve years makes ;)All joking aside, as a kid, I really gave my parents a hard time.  Especially mom.  I knew everything, and I was pretty merciless.Now that I am walking in her shoes, I understand a lot of the reasons behind … [Read more...]

What to do with Leftover Royal Icing {Perfect Flower Centers}


There are actually tons of things you can do with it, but this is what I happened to be doing today, so this is what you get =) When I first began making flower cookies, I flooded the cookie, waited eight hours until it was dry, and then added the centers.  Then one day, I got wise.  I came up with a time saving method that is also a good way to use leftover icing. First, use painters tape to secure a piece of wax paper to a cookie sheet … [Read more...]

Pot o’ Gold!

I few weeks ago I made these cookies for Bri and Amy over at Savvy Mom's Guide.  I liked them so much, it inspired me to adapt the design for St. Patrick's Day.OKAY, today I'm not feeling very typeative, so lets get this show on the road =)To make these cookies you will need:3-4 inch round cookie cuttermini flower cutter, mashed into a cloud shape {mine came from Hobby Lobby}mini cauldron cutter {another Hobby Lobby find, but if you don't … [Read more...]

Color Chart and Printing Help


I fixed it!  Woo hoo!  Well, I fib, my talented and computer savvy friend Amy Miller and blog maintenance lady, Robin, fixed it, I am just passing the word.  What would I, or really y'all do without them?! It's fixed, it's fixed, it's fixed, it's fixed. CLICK HERE to print. Helpful hints: When referencing colors, I used the term part rather than drop.  This is because icing color should be thought of in terms of ratios rather than … [Read more...]