Teacher Appreciation Cookies

May 2-6 is Teacher Appreciation Week.  It's also Mother's Day Week, which leaves me with twice as much work because my mom IS a teacher! Seriously, I'm not kidding.  She was my computer teacher in high school.  Don't get any ideas about free rides.  She might have been the meanest teacher I had.  Made me sit by her and threatened to make me sit in the hall when SHE made me giggle {true story}.  At the risk of being disowned, I cannot … [Read more...]

Citrus Slices and Wedges

First of all I need to say...one Nation, under God.  Today is a day of thanksgiving.  It doesn't quite feel right to celebrate the death of another human being, however, in this case, I am thankful that this monster will never have the opportunity to hurt another person with his EVIL...On a lighter note, lets talk about cookies.  I have been making citrus cookies since I saw this amazingly inspiring set by one of my FAVORTE cookie … [Read more...]

Royal Follow-up

I thought it would be good to kind of summarize yesterday's theories, and to put up a few photos of pretty cookies to make up for the ugly ones from yesterday. So, here's what we came up with.  Overall, I am leaning toward overbeating as the cause of my mishap. However, a few other common denominators of this kind of disaster are: excessive amounts of icing color, particularly red, black, and browns inadvertently contaminating the … [Read more...]

Royal Icing Disaster

One of the BIGGEST complaints about royal icing is that it can be a royal pain in the wazoo. The royal wedding fever completely missed me until yesterday morning.  I was too busy to even think about it.  I had a simple cookie design that I wanted to try as a gift for one of my childhood friends that I hadn't seen in fifteen years.  She was coming to town, and I wanted to make some special cookies for our little reunion. Since the initial … [Read more...]

Chips and Salsa Cookies {Tutorial}

Cinco de Mayo is kind of a big deal where I'm from.   There are all kinds of events in all of the surrounding communities to celebrate.  There are festivals, music, and my favorite, Mexican food! I decided to celebrate cookie style.  I've posted these cookies before, without instructions and received several inquiries about how I made them curved. So, I thought I'd show y'all before the big day! Since I knew I would be making these more … [Read more...]

My #1 Fan {WFMW}

*This post has been edited from the original I am sad to say my WFMW tip resulted in the demise of an old beloved friend, Fanny, who until yesterday, was nameless... RIP, Fanny, 2001-2011 When I first posted this I used pictures of my old fan, which was what I called "dirty" as in scuffed and gray from 10 years of use including painting {which explains the light misting of Berkshire beige}, outdoor barbeques, garage sales and more.  He … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Part 2 {Yellow Bird}

If that's not really his name, I'm sorry.  I was serious when I said that I've never played.  I let my son pick the next to be posted, and he chose yellow, because he thought we should save the best {red bird} for last.  So, yellow it is.For this little guy, I used a Hershey Kiss cutter I got from Hobby Lobby over Valentine's Day...if you don't have that one, just use a balloon and lop of the bottom or you can even hand cut if … [Read more...]

Royal Icing 101 and My Favorite Recipe


  [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:15]   Have you ever heard the saying, "All roads lead to Rome"?  It basically means that there are many different ways of doing things, but in the end, they all have the same result. This is the note on which I'd like to begin, and by the end I hope it makes sense. When I first began making cookies, I didn't really do a lot of research.  I'd read a magazine article that said I needed meringue powder, … [Read more...]

Happy Easter, Y’all!

It's Easter, and besides being able to spend the day with my family {even if it means watching 300 and 10,000BC}.  The best news is, that my cousin, who has been fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan for almost a year IS ON THE WAY HOME!!!I didn't make these cookies, but I think they're the perfect way to say Happy Easter, Texas style!The same talented lady, Margarita Fuentes, also made these cuties!  I LOVE them!?Here are … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Cookies Part 1 {Pig}

Since Easter is about to come and go, if you haven't snagged these from Target, you better do it quick.  Besides being cute Easter cutters, I also used the bunny to make the first cookie in my Angry Birds collection.If you don't already know what Angry Birds is, don't feel bad.  Neither did I until my seven year old son enlightened me.  Long story short, it's a cell phone game where killer birds are on a mission to … [Read more...]