Happy Easter, Y’all!

It's Easter, and besides being able to spend the day with my family {even if it means watching 300 and 10,000BC}.  The best news is, that my cousin, who has been fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan for almost a year IS ON THE WAY HOME!!!I didn't make these cookies, but I think they're the perfect way to say Happy Easter, Texas style!The same talented lady, Margarita Fuentes, also made these cuties!  I LOVE them!?Here are … continue reading

Angry Birds Cookies Part 1 {Pig}

Since Easter is about to come and go, if you haven't snagged these from Target, you better do it quick.  Besides being cute Easter cutters, I also used the bunny to make the first cookie in my Angry Birds collection.If you don't already know what Angry Birds is, don't feel bad.  Neither did I until my seven year old son enlightened me.  Long story short, it's a cell phone game where killer birds are on a mission to … continue reading

AMAZING Easter Cookies

The closer it comes to Easter, the more and more beautiful cookies keep popping up. And when I say beautiful, I MEAN beautiful! I spent the last two days in Austin working with some AMAZING women on passing a bill that will allow people like myslef to legally bake from home, which is an answered prayer for many.If you are from Texas, or any other state for that matter and interested in keeping up their progress, you should … continue reading

Other Easter Options, Cookie Style!

I've been accused of being a little cookie obsessed, even when it goes a little beyond actual cookies.  So, today I'd like to bring you a few ideas for filling your Easter baskets, cookie style, without actually MAKING them.I have been oogling this first idea for months.  It's no secret that I LOVE felt cookies.  Especially these little cuties.  They were made by Heather Sitarzewski, a graphic designer, and all … continue reading

Blushing Bunnies

Normally, I'm one to figure things out for myself, whether it be trial and error, or Google-ing it to death. However, this little trick was one of those things that COMPLETELY eluded me.For the life of me, I could NOT figure out HOW everyone was blushing those adorable little cheeks.  So, I asked my friend, Fiona, the maker of these cuties, how it was done...I really would not have figured it out {at least not easily} if she hadn't told … continue reading

The Twenty Second Rule {Twenty-Second Icing}


Yeah, I know...completely different than anything you have heard or seen... I guess I am a rebel. Or lazy. Maybe a little of both. Whatever the case, this works, and once you get the hang of it, it will save you time and frustration when decorating cookies. This is a visual example of "Oh, @#*! Icing {view post here}I most often use this when I have waited until last minute do work on a set of cookies, but it also works for achieving certain … continue reading

Simple Easter Cupcakes and Cookie Toppers

I've shown you two pretty labor intensive Easter cupcake ideas, Bunny Ear Cupcakes and Bird Nest Cupcake toppers, but today I wanted to show a simpler version.  Although I like the look of them, in the end, you don't really need picks and all the bells and whistles.  Sometimes, simple is best.I made about a dozen of these little cookies from my last little bit of dough the other day. Then, I whipped up the simplest but most amazing … continue reading

Autism Awareness

************GIVEAWAY CLOSED************?Did you know that April is Autism Awareness Month?  It is a month dedicated to increasing awareness and educating the public about autism.A few weeks ago, I was approached by my friend Mique about doing a special project for Autism Awareness.  I personally haven't had much experience with autism, however,  as the mother of an autistic child, this campaign is very near and … continue reading

Splash Guard, West Texas Style

Do you know what this is?  I am not sure if this tip is smart or shameful, but it works for me, so I'll share...This is pretty much the "I live in the middle of nowhere" version of this...which also happens to cost about twenty-five dollars, BEFORE shipping!The story of this contraption goes pretty much like this...One evening while baking, I was talking on the phone with my friend Jenni {who happens to be very patient with the mixer … continue reading

Speckled Egg Cookies

*******UPDATED 3/23/2012:  You know how yoou sit around and think about something for a year or so, then suddenly it occurs to you that you might have been doing something the dumb hard way?  Well after stewing over it, I am thinking, it might be easier to suck a tiny bit of icing up with the tip of the squeeze bottle, a la medicine bottle style, rather than put it IN the bottle.  I haven't tested it, but I was thinking it would work, so you … continue reading