Gingerbread in Candyland

I made more gingerbread than I care to think about this season.  My favorite was orange gingerbread.  I made these for my sweet little niece to take to school.  I was worried that this kids would not enjoy them, but, I was told they were a hit. I am hoping for a reason to make a full candy tray soon...maybe I can get away with it for one more of Belle's birthdays before she has an opinion! … continue reading

Merry Christmas!

Whew!  I am sick and tired but it was a good day!  I had so many posts planned, but as it always does, life happened, and now finally, I am sitting down to rest.  It's by no means quiet.  I have a whole crew hollering over a Cowboys game in the back, and kids playing happily with their new toys.  I hope everyone is this content and happy on this most special of days.Luke 2:10-11 (King James Version)And the angel said unto … continue reading

Cowboy Snowmen

*FIRST OF ALL, the long delayed winner of my last giveaway is...helpergirl, Kelley!!!  I will be contacting you soon to arrange shipment!  Congratualtions, Kelley!* Well there may not be snow in San Antonio, but it's a Texas Christmas to me... That's really a song.  I promise. George Straight sings it and once back in my LimeWire days, I got the nastiest computer virus trying to illegally download it ...What an expensive song that turned … continue reading

So this is Christmas

And what have you done Another year overAnd a new one just begun....I don't know if it's the WEATHER or what, but I am a total GRINCH this year.  So much so, I should have made a cookie to show everyone.  But I really didn't even feel like doing that.  Eighty-five degrees is not working for me.  Plus, I had two sick kids and this time of year makes me miss my Nanny like crazy. However, today my mood is a little … continue reading

Meet Meaghan!

A little over a week ago, I talked about two types of icing royal and glaze (there are more)  AND I asked you all which you preferred.  The responses were WONDERFUL y'all really made me think!  However, when I mentioned in the post that oil is the enemy of royal icing, I got several comments from girls who DO add oil or shortening to their icing, which made me wonder... Am I completely right? Totally … continue reading

That Guy Bern Dogg

Who's  Bern Dogg, you ask?  Well, that's my husband.  A friend of his gave him the name a long time ago and it stuck.  I can be three feet away from him and yell: Babe, Bernie, fire, help, response, but if I even whisper, "Bern Dogg," and I have his immediate and undivided attention.  Sometimes I will catch myself calling him from another room and think, " I am close-to-30 … continue reading

Creative Christmas Cookies Using Halloween Cutters

Despite it being in the high eighties around here temperature-wise, there is no denying it's Christmas time once again. I have been cranking out cookies all week!No matter what the weather, you might recognize the arrival of Christmas in another way...your rapidly declining bank balance!So, for fun, I thought I'd show you a few ways I re-purposed cutters to make them into Christmas cookies and save some DOUGH... no pun … continue reading

Snowflake Cookies {University of Cookie}

Want to learn how to make beautiful snowflake cookies? Hop on over to University of Cookie for my latest tutorial! Believe me, a platter of these will steal the Christmas show! Happy Decorating! … continue reading

Cookie Ornament How-To {Part2}

Nutcracker Cookie ornament

Follow these simple step by step instructions, and soon this little guy can be hanging out on your tree.  Not only is he cute, but he smells wonderful too!  (Perhaps, I have discovered the perfect man?) To begin, outline and flood your cookies.  When filling, fill the middle section in first, let it dry 20-30 minutes, then come back and do the ends (red and green).  This way, your sections don't run over and bleed into one another. To add … continue reading

Orange Gingerbread {recipe}

Want to learn how to make these adorable ornaments?  Check back tomorrow for {part 2} of my tutorial on making cookie ornaments.  The possibilities are endless and they make the best gifts.  I already have two pages of notes on these in my "Little Black Book" of cookie ideas. Today I tried a variation of my gingerbread recipe that was SOOOOO good, I had to share... [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:18] … continue reading