A BOO-lated Giveaway!

Thank you for your entries!


Congratulations Gayle!!! 


If only I was as organized, and efficient, and productive as I am in my head.  I snagged these cutters way back in August {some before that} with intentions of giving them away at the beginning of October, so one lucky person would have a full month to play with these cutters.  But here is is, October 14th, and I am just BARELY getting around to it!  My apologies!

So, to celebrate one of my favorite cookie seasons of the year, I’m giving one lucky reader 44 {I think} FUN Halloween cookie cutters!

You NEED these.  They’re FUN and FREE, two of my favorite things =)

What’s even better is that if I load y’all up with cookie cutters, it will start to become the social norm so when my husband gives me the “look” I can just point my finger at all my fellow cookie cutter hoarders and say, “All the cookie cutter girls do this…” Because we do.  And if we don’t, we plan to, right?

As far as I know, it’s EVERY cookie-er’s dream to have a cookie cutter collection large enough to take over the family dining room.


ANYWAY, if you would like to win these cutters, all you have to do is one simple thing…

Leave a comment.  Tell me something good, interesting.  Really.  I like to hear good news and add to my ever expanding bank of useless trivia…because I am just FULL of useless trivia like things you should never feed a chicken {one is avocados, in case you were wondering}.

ANYWAY, I’m rambling.  Now for the rules and all that other boring stuff…

  • one comment please
  • US residents only {because this is about the only place I have any control over the postal service and delivery, etc}
  • Giveaway ends Monday, October 17th, midnight CST
  • Winner is chosen randomly using a cool plug-in I have called “And the Winner Is”
  • I provided all these prizes myself, because I wanted to.  This is not a sponsored post.

Hurry and enter, I’m don’t want to to drag this out.  I need time to get them out so they’ll get a little use before Halloween! 

Also, be a good friend and tell your buddies, because that’s what friends do!  Good luck!