Orange Gingerbread {recipe}

Want to learn how to make these adorable ornaments?  Check back tomorrow for {part 2} of my tutorial on making cookie ornaments.  The possibilities are endless and they make the best gifts.  I already have two pages of notes on these in my "Little Black Book" of cookie ideas. Today I tried a variation of my gingerbread recipe that was SOOOOO good, I had to share... [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:18] … continue reading

Two Day Series: Making cookie ornaments {Part 1}

Christmas Nutcracker Cookie Ornament

This year I am making special gifts for my son to give to his classmates during their Christmas party.  I thought I would share with you how to make these precious cookie ornaments so you could do the same!  They are inexpensive, fun, AND best of all, they are COOKIES!!! I used an ornament I found in Crate and Barrel to make these!  I hope you like them! Here is a video showing HOW I baked them... This is a pretty in-depth project, so I … continue reading

Mini Tutorial: Filling Pastry Bags

I get a lot of questions on this topic, so I decided to do a quick video.  My way isn't really the only way, it's just what works for me.  Actually, that's almost the best tip I know.  I can tell you what I do, but that isnt the only way. The key is taking that information and turning it into what works best for you!  =)Its a little long winded according to my husband, but I hope it helps! I'd also like to … continue reading

All Things Icing, and a Fun Christmas Giveaway!

First things first.  I promised icing, so today we are talking about icing...I will try to keep it short (emphasis on try) so we can get to the FREE STUFF!To start with, I am going to give you my top secret, amazing, wonderful, specially-formulated recipe for royal icing.  Here we go...To make SweetSugarBelle's Top-Secret Royal Icing you will need:3 Tbs of meringue powder4 cups (about 1 lb.) confectioners' sugar6 Tbs … continue reading

Go Crazie For CookieCrazie

Pastel Christmas

Good morning!  Yesterday I mentioned that today was the day to meet my very special and talented friend, Pam, AKA, CookieCrazie.  Well today is here and so are we...  I first met Pam almost two years ago when I started this crazie hobby of mine.  It was by happy accident, really.  As I took more photos of my cookies, my mom suggested I start a blog and join Flickr. Now most of the time, even though I know better, I usually do exactly the … continue reading

Surprise visit…

Stay tuned tomorrow because I will have a very special guest!  I am so excited about this because she is one of my favorite cookie artisans and an expert on another kind of cookie icing, glaze!!!  Not all decorators use royal, can you believe that, LOL?  Here is a sneak peek at some of her work...Did you guess who it is?Meet Pam, my very good friend and the cookie decorator known as Cookie Crazie.  You can … continue reading

How to make Zebra Print Cookies {Video}

And finally, with the help of Bridget over at University of Cookie, I have delivered!  If these cookies get your motor running, hop right over for my video tutorial debut.  This is one of many more to come! Be sure to let me know if it was helpful!  Be easy on  me though!  I was more nervous than anyone could ever imagine!  My favorite part of the video is my thirsty little boy (You'll see when you get there)  Enjoy! … continue reading

It’s Not Cheating…Decorating Storebought Cookies


It's semi-homemade!!! A few days ago, I was at Wal-Mart when I noticed some very cool pre-made gingerbread houses. They cost less than ten dollars apiece, which SEEMED like a pretty good deal.  I could just imagine the fun my kiddos would have with them. However, as I packed three of them into my cart, I had a little crisis of conscience.  $27 dollars seemed a little steep when I could make them at home, and that didn’t even include candy for … continue reading

It’s Gingerbread Time!

Gingerbread Cookies_Sweetsugarbelle

Gingerbread is my second favorite cookie, after those soft sugar cookies you get in the mall. Yes, I know.  I’m not a very discerning cookie eater, but I sure like those things. I love it when Christmas time comes around and I can break open the old recipe binder and make batch after batch of gingerbread. I know my sugar cookie recipe so well, that I don’t need to read it and I can make royal icing without measuring, but I use this recipe so … continue reading

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Happy Monday.  I am pretty excited about this week.  I have a lot planned, but I still feel very relaxed which doesn't often happen.Later today I will be announcing the winner of last week's giveaway, so stay tuned.  This collection is called Wonderland.  I made this as a gift for my friend's daughter who just turned one =)I made this platter of pretty snowflakes for one of my former teachers.  She deserves them, I … continue reading