Texas Rangers Cookies

Texas Rangers Cookies

Do ya know what I like more than baseball?  Baseball cookies! Just kidding.  I pretty much don't like baseball at all.  Except the pants, of course. Turns out, that even though I don't like baseball lots of other people do.  Especially the boy next door. Our neighbor Ethan is a huge Texas Rangers fan.  He's here almost every day playing with the kiddos but if my husband turns on the game he immediately gets in on the action.  We always … [Read more...]

Cute Baseball Bat Cookies

Cute Baseball Bat Cookies

Over the years I've made many baseball-themed cookies, but it's always bothered me that the common bat cutter isn't proportionate to the rest of the shapes.  Luckily I have generous and creative friends like Natalie, of Palestine Painted Cookie who shared this idea for a "fat baseball bat" cookie.  I love it so much I may never use my old baseball bat cutter again! I followed Natalie's advice and used a milk bottle cutter for this design … [Read more...]

Olympic Gold Medal Cookies

Gold Medal Cookies_SweetSugarBelle

These should be some sort of law requiring people to snack while watching the Olympics.  It's impossible to view that much strenuous activity without it rubbing off, right?   As a matter of fact, I'll take it a step further and propose that baking should be the newest Olympic sport.  I mean, if curling counts than rolling should too.  Maybe not, but  in any case you'll need sustenance.  I recommend cookies, of course. I don't own a medal … [Read more...]

Texas Tech Double “T” Cookies

Double T

I live in Red Raider country so, for the safety of my family  it only makes sense that these come next.  In my defense, my husband is the Longhorn fan in the house. I actually like those Irish guys who embarrassed themselves last week...but we'll talk  more about them when they make me proud. For now, it's Double T's I would just like to start off by saying, this is one of those cookie designs that make you thankful to own a KopyKake.  THEY … [Read more...]

Hook ‘Em Horns {Texas Longhorns Cookies}


Today is the day.  THE DAY.  The one my husband looks forward to with more excitement and anticipation than Christmas.  The first game of the UT football season.  He's been spewing stats for weeks.  I might qualify as an expert myself.  So, in honor of the day I lose TV control for most of the year, I decided to celebrate with what I do to keep myself busy while I'm TV-less. These are about my all time favorite UT cookies.  I'd love to take … [Read more...]