Sweet Sightings {Fourth Edition}

It’s that time again!  I’m back with another edition of Sweet Sightings, the post where I highlight some of my favorite things from around the world wide web.

Here’s what I’ve been crushing on lately.

Sweet Sightings Collage1.  One of my real-life best buds is releasing her first book, and I could not be more excited!  The Bearfoot Baker’s, 100 Animal Cookies: A Super Cute Menagerie to Decorate Step-by Step, due to release on October 1st, is available for pre-order now.  To get your copy, click HERE.

2.  I’m so in love with That’s How I Dough’s football stadium cookie platter, that I can’t wait for my husband’s next game day get together.  I’ve been waiting over a year to try my hand at this quick, cute cookie idea.

3.  It’s time again for the third annual Go Bo! Bake Sale in honor of Bo Johnson, who was taken too soon after a battle with leukemia.

Bo’s legacy is simple.  Love each other, help each other, have your neighbor’s back. If you see someone in need- even a stranger- reach out and help. This world can be a better place if we care and help each other.

With bakers from 42 states (and 16 countries), The Go Bo! Bake Sale is just a few bakers short of coloring the entire US orange.  If you live in Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, North Dakota, South Carolina, or South Dakota and are interested in contributing, contact jillfcsgobo@aol.com for more information.  Together we CAN make a difference.

4.  Wilton has released new Halloween cutters and I kind of love them all.  I found several new designs at Walmart including these adorable Frankenstein cutters.  If you’re not near a Walmart you can order a similar set here.

Sweet Sightings Collage 25. I love it when a little goof turns into something wonderful.  While piping simple roses Clough’D 9 Cookies made a mistake.  What a glorious mistake it turned out to be!  Check out her version of swirly roses here.

6.  I was recently introduced to Rainbow Dust Pro Gel professional grade food coloring via Instagram.  After reading several stellar reviews, I ordered the entire set.  I am especially excited to try the gray and pink colors.  To purchase your own, visit How Sweet is That? and take advantage of $9.95 flat rate shipping to the United States.

7.  How smart is this idea?  I love how My Nana’s Nibbles used a stencil to create the smiley face pattern on these adorable scrubs cookies.

8.  I’ve been affectionately calling Creative Cookier’s “Stencil Genie” a contraption, but that doesn’t begin to describe this amazing new tool.

This magnetic plastic frame has revolutionized the art of stenciling on cookies.  It’s now easier than ever to get consistent results every single time.  To order yours, click here.  You will not be disappointed.

Sweet Sightings Collage 39.  I’m a sucker for cookie books, and this one is no exception.  Bake at 350′s second book, Decorating Cookies: 10 Celebratory Themes, 50 Designs is available for pre-order now.

10.  Cookie people need cookie jewelry, right?  Find this necklace along with other sweet baubles at Petit Four Miniatures on Etsy.

11.  Have I mentioned that I am huge Lila Loa fan?  I pretty much love everything she does.  I’ve been waiting all year for her pencil cookie tutorial.  Check it out here.

12. And last but not least, I’ve seen ribbon on cookies, but never quite like this.  I love this sweet puppy cookie, part of The Painted Pastry’s submission to a recent Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge.

Decorated Cheerleader Cookies

Cheerleader Cookies

In Texas, Friday is synonymous with football, which makes it the perfect day for decorated cheerleader cookies.  But before we get to the decorating, I want to share a little story about what I learned from these cookies. As some of you might have noticed, I'm kind of a perfectionist (that might be a gross understatement) and I really pride myself on ironing out the kinks in a design so the people using my tutorials don't have to. Most of … continue reading

Shark Fin Cookies

Shark Week Cookies

Note to self: If you make a bunch of dinosaur cookies to get ahead for your son's birthday, he will inevitably decide (one day before the party) to change his theme. That's where easy shark fin cookies come into play.  These cookies are so simple, you can probably start one day before the party and finish with time to spare. I complicated things by adding a few more designs, but that's another issue. Shark fin cookies are as easy as … continue reading

Decorated Hibiscus Cookies

Hibiscus Cookie

Summer is coming to an end but I'm not quite ready to say goodbye.  Decorated hibiscus cookies are the perfect nod to warm summer days filled with fun in the sun. The cutter used here is actually a sand dollar, but it makes a great hibiscus.  You can find it here. If you're a little short on time, a four leaf clover also works well.  To learn more, click here. To make these cookies you will need: White 20-second icing Bright pink … continue reading

Cookie Quickie: Decorated Hula Girl Cookies

Decorated Hula Girl Cookie

It's time for another "Cookie Quickie," the same tutorials you're used to, without all the photos. Today's theme is luau, featuring decorated hula girl cookies. Like many of my cookies, this sweet hula dancer began life as a snowman cutter, which is included in this set. To make hula girl cookies, simply follow the steps below: Use 20-second icing in the color of your choice fill the top portion of the hula girl's hair. Wait a … continue reading

Denim Pocket Cookies

Pocket Cookie

Blame it on my Texas roots, there will always be a special place in my heart for blue jeans.  I guess that's  why I love these pocket cookies so much.  Not only are they adorable, they're oh so easy to make! To make my pockets, I trimmed the house cutter from this Wilton set but you can purchase an adorable pocket cutter from Whisked Away Cutters, here. To make these cookies you will need: Navy blue piping and flood icing Copper … continue reading

Ballet Slipper Cookies

Ballet Slipper Cookie 2

Years ago, I ordered ballerina slipper cutter and eagerly waited for it to arrive.  I was very excited, but as soon as I opened the box I realized I was in over my head.  That poor cutter went straight into a bin never to be seen or heard from again. This happened over and over again until finally, I realized that specialized cutters just aren't for me.  So, here are ballet slipper cookies, Sugarbelle style. I used a simple egg cutter to … continue reading

Easy Pteranodon Cookies

Pteranodon Cookies

When I was a kid flying dinosaurs were called pterodactyls.  Then recently, my son informed me that they're actually pteranodons.  We couldn't agree, so, I looked it up. Turns out, we were both right.  Pterodactylus, shortened to pterodactyl, was a broad name for all flying dinosaurs until scientists figured out that there was more than one type. Pteranodons are way bigger than pterodactyls and not technically dinosaurs.  They kind of look … continue reading

Easy Bandana Print Cookies

Decorated Bandana Cookie

Until recently, bandana print cookies were quite a project.  But now, thanks to the stencil revolution, you can make gorgeous bandana cookies in a fraction of the time. To make these cookies you will need: Paisley cookie stencil Red piping and flood icing Black airbrush color White piping icing Begin by outlining and flooding the cookie as pictured below.  Let dry. When the base is completely dry, place the stencil securely … continue reading

Triceratops Face Cookies

Triceratops Cookie

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm kind of on a dinosaur kick.  My dinosaur-obsessed son has been requesting this theme for years, so I'm always in search of fresh, fun ideas. This triceratops face cookie is one of my older designs, but it's definitely one of my favorites. To decorate these cookies you will need: Light yellow piping and 20-second icing Dark yellow piping and 20-second icing White piping icing Black piping … continue reading