Leggy Little Witches

Believe it or not, this leggy little witch almost got the better of me.  I’ve always loved the idea of witch leg cookies, but I wanted to do something a little different than put them on a square. It took me a lot longer than I like to admit to think of a creative cutter idea for these.

To be honest, I have been thinking about it since last year.

When it finally DID hit me, I was almost embarrassed it didn’t occur to me before.   Are you surprised?

Of course, a dress cutter, or a T-shirt would work as long as it has sleeves.  All I did was trim the diaper flap from the cookie before baking.

After baking, you’ll end up with cookies that look like these.

Now for the fun part!

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Black piping icing
  • Green, purple, and black flood icing
  • a small bit of yellow 20-second icing

First outline little witchy boots using a #3 tip.  Start by making the tops of each boot FIRST to help you see how they will be spaced, then add the rest of the boot. Next, add the striped stockings.

I have this little thing that I do, that I will TRY to explain, but if you don’t understand, no biggie.  It may just be OCD.  Lots of times, I don’t like my cookie to be so FLAT.  So, to give them a little dimension I outline the foreground object with a larger tip, and the background with a smaller tip.  I did this to give the appearance that the legs are actually inside the boot.  THIS IS entirely unnecessary, and I do it without even thinking.  I just thought I would explain the process.

If I confused ya, just disregard all that and move onto the next step.

Next, fill in the boots with black icing, and let it dry for a bit.

Fill the stockings in alternating sections, giving time to dry between steps, so that the colors don’t run together.  When the entire cookie is flooded, let it dry overnight.

The next day, add the final details.  I used 20-second icing for the buckles,

and a few little squiggles using a #1.5 tip and a white glare {optional}.

This is one of those ideas that turned out pretty much like what I had planned in my head.  I LOVE it when that happens!

Lots of leggy little witches from me to you!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week baking up Halloween treats.  If you’d like to make matching hats for your leggy little witch, be sure to check out my 3-D witch hat cookies.

Happy Halloween Baking everyone!

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  1. 71
    naomi says:

    Love how fun these are, Callye!

  2. 72
    Christy says:

    I adore these. What a great idea :)

  3. 73
    Isabel Elias says:

    I love these cookies! I think I’m gonna try them at home. But I have been having problems with my purple (too dark) and yours is great! How do you make it?

    Isabel Elias (a portuguese fan of yours)

  4. 74
    Linda Gayle Bennett says:

    Before cakes, cupcakes and gumpaste flowers, cookies were the love of my life. BUT I star tipped them. I have always wanted to know how to use color flow icing. Your site is like Christmas morning and getting to unwrap all the presents that Santa has left!

  5. 75
    cookie monster says:

    What a cute idea!!!

  6. 76
    Melanie Corral says:

    this is BRILLIANT! I am bookmarking these for next Halloween!

  7. 77
    Laling P. says:

    What a clever idea. I love your deco – I do mostly cakes and some cookies but the detail work that you all do it really is beautiful work. I finally ordered some tools to try your tricks ASAP.

  8. 78
    Alicia says:

    I love the stuff you do, your so artistic

  9. 79
    M says:

    What recipe do you use for the cookies and frosting?


  10. 80
    Blogspot.com says:

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    I used, “Witch Leg Cookies From a Cutter You Own” as your web site headline.

    I hope this is okay with you. In the event that you’d like me to change the title or perhaps remove it entirely, contact me at felipacosby@aol.com. Thank you.


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